The Civil Service Commission (CSC) reminded government employees that they have less than one month left to prepare and submit their 2021 Statements of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) with their respective departments, agencies, or offices, and urged them not to wait until the 30 May 2022 deadline.
CSC Resolution No. 2100339, circularized via Memorandum Circular No. 6, s. 2021, specifies the guidelines for the filing and submission of SALNs during exceptional circumstances or when the country is placed under a state of calamity and/or emergency. It allows online oath-taking and online filing of the SALN by all public officials and employees.
The guidelines also state that โ€œall public officials and employees or those in affected area/s are given additional period of thirty (30) days from 30 April of such year within which to comply with the filing of the SALN.โ€
โ€œGiven that the declaration of a State of Calamity due to COVID-19 has not yet been lifted, the rules issued by CSC extending the deadline of filing of SALN and allowing electronic oath-taking, filing, and submission of the same will still apply,โ€ explained CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles.
โ€œI urge all concerned public officials and employees to comply with the mandatory filing of SALN as part of our commitment to the Filipino people to uphold the principle of public office as a public trust,โ€ Chairperson Nograles added.
Copy of CSC Memorandum Circular No. 6, s. 2021 and FAQs on SALN:…/category/1775-mcno6-s2021.html280105759_371259261702354_5229491200952453321_n