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Eriberta Spring Resort is gifted by unceasing flow of water with naturally cold, clean, pure and transparent appearance. It comprises of four (4) gigantic swimming pools intended for adults and children. It has also three (3) jacuzza pools for everyone who wants to relax his/her body. The value of beauty of natural symmetry adds attractiveness and uniqueness of the resort wherein the areas are well surrounded with green and big trees that provide fresh air and breezy environment. There are also spacious cottages with a very affordable price and some of the cottages have videoke that can be utilized for family gatherings or other special occasions.

Furthermore, the resort is beautified by natural creations such as landscape ponds with colorful fishes, green trees, singing birds and toning water. Mountain slopes are maximized by putting up terraced like cottages and natural spring water is kept in its natural river-like descent on top of maintaining its lush greenery and tropical surroundings.

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This resort is situated in barangay Tuboran, one of the municipalities of Mahayag. It is approximately seven (7) kilometers from the town proper going to the resort area. Fortunately, it is extremely accessible for all types of vehicle such bus, van, jeep, habal habal motor and even single motor whether for public and private uses. Due to its cemented road, visitors are now hassle-free in reaching the area although some portions are not yet cemented. The resort occupies a total land area of eight (8) hectares including the water reservoir.

Visitors can greatly enjoy the affordable Entrance Fee at 40 pesos for adult while 20 pesos for children. The cottages have different amount such as 150 pesos for umbrella type, 500 pesos for medium, 1,000 pesos for large and 1,500- 2,000 pesos for functional hall with videoke.

 To accommodate the guests who want to stay at night, the resort has seven (7) standard rooms with three (3) fully air-conditioned rooms and four (4) non air-conditioned rooms within your means amount. There’s nothing to worry because the area is safe and sound to stay in the since that Mahayag is a peaceful municipality. To satisfy your hunger and thirst, Eriberta has its own Mama Linda Kitchen wherein you can take pleasure in eating the scrumptious and appetizing foods and freezing drinks.

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The said spring resort is owned and managed by former Mayor of Molave, Zamboanga del Sur, ex mayor Flavio J. Saniel Jr. The staffs of the resort are welcoming and friendly in entertaining and serving their guests as they value their visitors coming from different places. 

At present, many visitors residing from other municipalities and provinces keep on visiting the resort as they enjoy the captivating sight and the natural coldness of water. During holiday and vacation periods, the resort is expected to be very crowded and the cottages are entirely occupied.

The resort is still doing some improvements which are expected to be finished this year.

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