The agricultural sector has a significant role in the economic development of the municipality simply because of its potential contribution in terms of food production and consumption, livelihood of its constituents and also, as a good source of business opportunities.


Mahayag has an estimated agricultural land of 11,172.1 hectares. Per records from the MAO, the area planted with palay covers about 5,341 hectares of which 78.45 percent of it is irrigated rice land and the remaining 21.55 percent is rain fed area. The presence of the National River Irrigation System made Mahayag the leading rice producing municipality. In 2010, the volume of productionfor irrigated riceis placed at 39,123 metric tons while about 9,185 metric tons for non-irrigated rice.Coconut, on the other hand,covers about2,966.73 hectares and produces an estimated 4,450 metric tons, while corn covers about1,356 hectares producing 5,695 metric tons annually. Other crops grown are cassava, banana, mango, vegetables, legumes and others.


There are a number of agricultural support facilities existing within the municipalities such as post-harvest facilities (mechanical driers, solar driers, rice threshers, corn sellers, rice/corn mills and bodega) pre harvest facilities (tractors) as well as national and communal irrigation systems.